Thursday, December 30, 2010

checklist for Conference for Breakfast Goal

October 2010 General Conference
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
If you don't know about our Breakfast for Conference, click here.  To get your own checklist: Click on the title "checklist for Conference...." so that it is just showing you this post.  Then print this post.
Complete list of talks.
Make a mark next to each as you read it in your November 2010 Ensign, read it online,  watch, or listen to it.
Goal: Accomplish entire list by February 12, 2011

Julie B. Beck
Silvia H. Allred
Barbara Thompson

Upcoming RS events for Jan, Feb and March 2011

View November 2010 Ensign online.
Conference For Breakfast / Ocotillo Ward Sisters 6 Week Goal
Rules: We have checklists for you to mark every talk you read (your completed checklist  link here is your RSVP for the reward!).  You don't HAVE to read the actual magazine, you can read them online, watch them online, listen to them on your iPod or other device, just so long as you read or listen to every single talk from the October 2010 conference, here is a link to the General Conference Website.
LINK Here to list of talks to watch, listen or download
Deadline: February 12, 2011
Reward: Your reward will be to spend a fabulous breakfast and be pampered with the other Sisters in the ward who have also reached this goal.  We don't have the time or date specifics yet , we would like to know how many will be joining us, but it will be a Saturday morning in February.  

January 18th 
Family Home Evening Magnetic Boards/or MEMO Magnet Board
6pm-8pm (come and go project) in the cultural hall
the FHE4 (4 assignments)
called the FHE6 (6 assignments)

We want every Sister who wants to participate to be able, the cost of a board for each Ocotillo Ward Sister will be $1.   The RS will cover the rest.  If you would like to make additional boards, or would like to invite a friend or family the price will be $4 per project.

Sign up soon so we can have all the supplies we need ready for you!

Febrary 15th
Do you have children (or know someone that does) that can't keep the little angels reverent during Sacrament Meeting?
Come to our Quiet Time Activity night!  
7pm-8:30pm  in the cultural hall
We will have sets of different projects.  We would like every Ocotillo Ward Sister that is interested to participate.  If you will pay $1 towards the costs, the RS will cover all the costs of supplies.  If you would like to make additional projects, or would like to invite a friend or family the cost will be $4 for a Set of each project we will be working on.

March 15th
Happy Birthday Relief Society!  169 years and Charity STILL Never Faileth!

6:30pm- 8:30pm in the cultural hall
We don't want to spoil the surprise, but we thought you should mark your calendar for a special birthday dinner, and start planning your entry for the CAKE DECORATING CONTEST!
*We would like to do a vintage kind of theme, if you have any interesting decorative items you would be interested in sharing (you would be responsible for bringing them at 6pm and taking them home at the end) please let Jennifer Clancy know.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Women's Conference this Saturday

Relief Society Women's Conference and General Broadcast Sat. Sept 25th at the Stake Center starting at 1:00 pm with lots of enriching classes (see schedule below). 
There will be an early dinner at 3:30 pm with the broadcast from Salt Lake following at 5:00 pm. The theme for our conference is "Bee" All You Can Be! Come enjoy a fun afternoon with the sisters in our stake! 

We hope to see you there!

(click image once or twice to make it bigger)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas or Halloween Countdown

4 in x 4 in blocks can get in BOTH Christmas or Halloween theme
Christmas will say "Days til Christmas"
Scrapbook paper will vary

Let it Snow plexi glass wall hanging

let it snow plexi1
we will supply the kit, you supply your ribbon!

PRICE $9.50 (we had to add shipping onto the kit price)

Missionary definition or Standing in Prom Dresses wall hanging in vinyl

missionary definition1

(we don't have a sample of this wall hanging yet)

YW plaque stand prom dresses

we will supply the kit for either one you choose
you only need supply the ribbon (for the Prom Dress hanging) or the hanging bracket for the Missionary board

PRICE $7.00

(we are making our own kits so they may not be exactly like the samples shown)